Tuesday, November 6, 2007

End of my degree... Grace of God.

tomorrow will be my final presentation for this semester, and after that I have finished the degree (^__^)
3 years has almost finished, all of the journey in Brisbane. if I looked back, I realise that I can't finished all these years without His grace.
I had problems with socialising in Australia at the very beginning of my year, and it affected my studies. timid and a bit low self esteem. I enjoyed alone at home and did my homeworks at home. I could not stayed long at uni because I was afraid to meet my friends because I did not know what I should say for conversations.
however, I learnt how to adapt. I tried to know them and understand how they live, their culture, and everything.
these few days, as I was getting busy preparing for my assesment, I neglect my time with God.
but then, during these weeks, especially last week on the Sunday's sermon, I was reminded that relationship with God is important.
one thing that I learn about realtionship with God is how we have relationship with the person we love as well. relationship with God is not something that can be played around, but it is something that we have to fight for. we need to protect, nurture just like in any other human relationship.
do not come to God only if we have request or asking for blessing (of course God will be happy to bless us).
in each of us, there is Holy Spirit. he always there to accompany us. so, start having conversation with Him. don't neglect Him. in any circumstances, talked to Him (just like praying), just like if we are having conversation with our friends.

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