Tuesday, March 18, 2008


today is raining in Dallas...

When I took some break after doing my assignment, I took sometime to look at joycemeyer.org  and listened to the sermon today by her.

as Im writing this down, it also strengthens me. maybe I have been living in the same attitude, same faith through out this years. often, I listen about faith and it strengthens me for a while... then as worries and trials come, I start doubting my God and look more in my circumstances (Matthew 12:20,21 NKJV).

but hey! I'm renewed, God has renewed my mind, all of my sin has been forgiven, no more condemnation about my past mistakes.

anyway, back to the main topic is about FAITH. Faith needs to grow, trials after trials we can not have the same act of faith, but our faith must grow too!

What is Faith?
Faith is believes in who God is, not who God was. 
Faith is act like how Jesus acts. 
Faith is believing in right now, eventhough I don't see it, eventhough I don't feel it. God is working now. 
Faith is rejoicing in impossible things, rejoicing in unseen things.

I learn that Faith must be released through our action, through our spoken words. not just believe it, but do it :)

Lord, today I pray that the seed of faith that you have put in me and in your children will grow. I believe in You. thank you Lord, thank you for Your love. Amen

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